Important Notes - please read first:

1. The unit should be installed according to the NATIONAL WIRING code of practice, as is required in every relevant country.

HEAT is available in three sizes and is designed to operate on a 240V power supply. The 3kW SPEEDHEAT will draw± 15A and the 5kW SPEEDHEAT will draw 22A.

HEAT must be solidly mounted in a fixed vertical position.

4. Ensure that the minimum of a 2.5 mm² cable is used on either unit. Should the distance between the 5kW unit and the power source be more than 4 metres, we recommend a 4mm cable be used.

5. To conform to safety regulations the 3.5kW and 5kW SPEED
HEAT must be connected to an isolator/breaker providing all pole disconnection of 20A and 25A respectively and via the earth leakage system.

6. All work carried out on a distribution board should be done by a qualified person.

Please take this link to view the on-line installation booklet

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