The key words behind this remarkable innovation are cost savings and flexibility of application.

How much is your hot water bill at home or at your holiday house, caravan, the ablution block at your sports club, going to be this year? You are probably aware that the bill for keeping hot water in your cylinder/tank makes up about 50% of your electricity bill.

Simply put the small, inexpensive SpeedHeat unit replaces the need for a tank! The hot water is generated by simply turning on the cold water tap. The cold water goes through the SpeedHeat unit where it is heated by a coil (similar to your kettle). You can vary the temperature of the hot water coming out of the SpeedHeat unit by simply turning the tap!

SpeedHeat has been approved by the government for use in Australia.

Operating Instructions:

  1. Open the (cold water) tap to establish a good flow of water through the unit.
  2. Slowly turn the tap to reduce the flow of water until you reach the desired water temperature.

It is that easy to use! and it is easy to install - the SpeedHeat unit comes with an installation booklet to assist your electrician - we have a printable copy of that booklet on-line.

Various fitting options for delivery of your hot water are available. These include:

Standard Shower Unit

Handheld Shower Unit

Shower or Hand Wash

Swivel Pipe Attachment

Cold water temp@+-20
°C will increase to:


5 l/min

3 l/min

1.6 l/min

5,0kW/22Amp +- 35°C +- 43°C +- 59°C
3,5kW/15Amp +- 31°C +- 38°C +- 49°C
3,0kW/13Amp +- 29°C +- 36°C +- 47°C


  SPEEDHEAT units are very affordable.

  SPEEDHEAT units are easy to install.

  SPEEDHEAT saves electricity and water costs.

  SPEEDHEAT comes with a 1 year warranty.

  SPEEDHEAT is ideal for use in low water pressure areas 
         (60kPa. / 0.6 Bar).

  SPEEDHEAT is ideal  for use in hard water areas.

   SPEEDHEAT parts are replaceable.

   SPEEDHEAT units are fitted with a thermal cut out switch,
         (A  safety feature which will switch off the element should

         the water get to hot).

   SPEEDHEAT units come with a replaceable pressure relief  device.
        (Should the outlet get blocked). PRD small rubber bung.

   SPEEDHEAT are tested and approved to the IEEC 335-1, IEEC 
         335-2-35 and BS EN 335-1:1988 Standards.

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