SpeedHeat Warranty:

Your SpeedHeat hot water unit carries a 12 month warranty against detective materials and workmanship from the date of purchase by the user. Any unit that should fail within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced if returned by prepaid postage to the Australian distributor at: 122 Prior Street, Tarragindi, QLD, 4121, Australia. All defective units will be fully inspected to determine "CAUSE OF FAILURE" for the warranty to be approved.

The guarantee is subject to the condition that any such defects have not been caused by incorrect or faulty installation, inadequate water or power supply, misuse, neglect or careless handling of any kind, and in substitution for any and all other guarantees.

Included with a faulty unit returned to the Australian distributor should be: Unit number, Your name, address, Date of purchase (receipt for purchase of the unit) and dealers stamp (where you purchased the unit).

Note: The only obligation of the Manufacturer/Seller to the buyer, shall be the replacement or repair of the unit by the manufacturer of SpeedHeat. Neither the Manufacturer nor seller shall be liable for ant loss, damage or lost profits arising out of any inability to use the unit. Before installing SpeedHeat the user shall determine suitability of the unit for the intended use (eg insufficient hot water flow makes filling a bath unsuitable).